The Ancient Astronaut Theory: What’s wrong with it?

Should a new data feed arise providing alternative perspectives, one must take care to not blatantly accept the other “side”.

Ancient Aliens is an interesting show and garnered my attention for a short while. But is the premise of the show actually proven by their rag-tag band of merry men? Those same folks who have been paraded in front of us as experts in this area of study. The truth is that a few of them are actually scientists, the rest are authors. And, I have no problem with that.

However, upon reaching it’s sixth season in 2015, it is clear that one can crack a joke about Giorgio’s coiffure and get a laugh almost every time. Regardless of the listener. That’s how mainstream these people have become. Again, that’s great. Their research is a vital facet in the search for humanity’s missing history.

Here’s where it goes south for me. The general premise of the Ancient Astronaut Theory (AAT) is that ET has been interacting with earth’s indigenous human inhabitants. To prove their premise, they show ancient lost texts, megalithic architecture, anomalies in medieval imagery. At the same time, they’re using various religions as a control mechanism.

For instance, almost every major organized religion on earth has a “great flood” story. They’re all a little different, but they all tell the same tale. Christianity tells us that God got pissed and sent a horrible flood which wiped us off the planet. The AAT perspective simply replaces the word “God” with “ET”. It sounds plausible enough. I shall allow that data point to enter my long term storage. But when they start weaving in megalithic architecture, and how could early humans build the pyramids? The conclusion they draw is that these primitives, savages in some cases, were given, granted, allowed to use, and/or helped out by ET technology. This, again, sounds plausible. It gets a thumbtack too.

At this point during reflection, a problem arose in the theory. One that dropped the probability of that show ever getting the truth or a straight answer. These folks are smart and on to something significant. But by focusing their, and our, attention on lost ET tech goodies, not many consider the other side of that proverbial coin. What if ET showed us how to use some natural earth phenomena (let’s call it Terra-Tech) to make ULF waves lift big-ass rocks. Pretty cool, eh? I agree.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe AAT theorists will be able to break through the invisible ceiling. This, I believe, is because they’re not looking at their own perspective, from all angles. They’re being too subjective on their theory. Since ET lore and AAT is “fringe” and not “real” science (from a mainstream point of view), then these guys don’t need to operate within the structure of academic science. Which means they grant themselves license to be subjective. And laser-like focus leads to myopia, quickly.

I do not put blame on the hosts and guests for this focus. If there was blame it would go towards the show’s writers, producers and the network. This goes for any “paranormal” or “fringe” show as far as I’m concerned. It’s their network, their format, their show, their agenda. They might edit it to look, sound, smell, feel and taste any way they like. The main purpose is to get you to come back again. Recurring revenue as we call it in the internet biz. This revenue takes the form of advertising money paid to networks to bits of time during their shows. I believe the average person is subjected to 16-20 minutes of advertising per hour (43-44 mins for episodes without commercials, I did the math). Honestly, I don’t think the network’s concern is the scientific foundation of their presentations. They probably don’t give a shit if ET visited/monkeyed-with/made us. Not as long as sponsors are willing to give them money to win your consumerism. It is a vicious circle.

Back to the theory… Ancient Astronaut Theorists all seem to make a single assumption: Whatever tech allowed humans to build megaliths never left this planet. 

Assuming AAT’s “ET tech” is really natural inherent Terra-tech, and, that ET merely “showed” us how to interface with it; the following questions percolated in the coffee pot that is my brain:

  • How and/or why has this knowledge been lost?
  • Where, when, and by whom was it taken? Over what time period?
  • Where is it now?
  • Why doesn’t anyone know about this?
  • If some do, why do only a handful of people know?
  • Who are they?
  • Will we (the planet) ever get it back?
  • Are we capable of advancing further as a species without this knowledge?

If you read my post Scalability, you may have noticed the “human software upgrade” concept. What if our brains are truly computers we don’t understand? What if what your brain tells you (you’re conscious self) is reality, actually isn’t what you’re experiencing?

More and more scientists are popping up with, what appears to be, Crazy Talk (not my brother in the parking lot). One such theory is the “holographic” universe. Think of it as “The Matrix” for real, but instead of your physical body being a hairless meat bag copper-top; your physical body is an intricate and clever hologram. One that perhaps conveys the experiences of this “reality” to the joystick operator. You, or moreover, your higher self.

I am starting to think that the entirety of our civilizations history has been co-opted, or duped, so to speak. Mislead with permission. Sure, the Roman Catholics slaughtered thousands during the crusades. Those that died did not see the “light”, and were punished for what comes down to, not comprehending a stranger’s point of view (i.e. a different perspective). I’m not picking on the Catholics. All major organized religious entities have slaughtered in the name of their deity.

I can’t say I was ever a “believer”. Never have been. Ghosts, psychics, ET, take your pic. Fringe stuff is BS. It was always the first thing to come to mind in the past. I’ll decide if there is a supreme single being when I have enough information to make an informed decision. The Bible’s unusual dichotomy bothered me as well. The Old Testament is filled with wrath and ire. The New Testament is all kumbaya. What gives?

My “theory” was, and has been, that the Old Testament “god” was ET #123 from ABC. He/she/they/them pissed off ET #456 from XYZ and, was smited. Looks like it was a flood. But no one knows. Or hasn’t come forward yet I should say. Thus the New Testament begins, bringing love and light.

This “theory” is no more, or less, plausible than an “invisible omnipotent bearded old man” in the sky. George Carlin once said if he had to pray to someone, he’d pray to Joe Pesci. He figured it was a 50/50 shot regardless of the deity being worshipped. Your prayers may be answered, they may not be.

I actually considered using my Old/New testament theory as a plot device for a time-travel sci-fi novel. I love writing, but have never written fiction. Not fearful, it is time consuming. I have better things to do with my time in the now. Maybe in the future I’ll get there. I need to team up with a great writer and together we can spin a sci-fi web of mystery, suspense, lies, intrigue, galactic espionage, and tentacle-laden sex-capades of padawans; all taking  place “a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away”. I recently went back through my plot idea list. Many of my “elevator pitch”-style plot notes turned out to be things that I’ve recently relegated to the plausible column. One story, titled “Soul Factory”, was eerily similar to something I read recently. How’s that for synchronicity?

If our wonderful planet has an internal innate ability to act as a dimensional portal of sorts, I would love to know all about that! That alone suggests that some ET civilizations may not even have been more advanced than us at the time of their visit(s). Imagine walking into a vortex portal and teleporting to Mars instantly. Why would a civilization even invest the energy in researching all the “science” behind the functionality. Essentially reverse-engineering the planet just because you think you can build something better with that knowledge.

Depending on how they arrived, they may or may not have anything we’d consider “hi-tech”. They may have had technology beyond ours. Perhaps they used Terra-Tech, dimensional portals where ley lines cross, or concentrated sound wave inertial dampening (allowing stones to weigh only 90% of actual weight). I’ve seen it on YouTube. There are quite a few people experimenting with this “earth” tech or whatever it comes to be called. Coral Castle comes to mind.

All in all, the Ancient Astronaut Theorists need to expand their theory to include inherent natural technology. It’s simply tech we don’t yet understand. Or worse yet, understood by a few who keep it locked away so the rest of the inhabitants of Earth are left in the dark.

Joe bless you.


3 thoughts on “The Ancient Astronaut Theory: What’s wrong with it?

  1. Excellent piece. I have been writing on something similar on planetary space travel, based one perception that the earth is a spaceship in orbit (or docked) around our sun. I had been wondering if the Cern is trying to dimension hop the planet through an anti-matter wormhole into a solar system somewhere else. That being Nibiru might have been our last “interdimensional” ship. Your point about “floods” interested me as it might be considered to act as a protection blanket if the planet ever passed through a portal which humans deep underground in underground stations with oxygen, food and water, everything needed for the journey. What would it mean? Would we then have to evacuate the planet to one that lies in the inhabitable zone? Black knight satellite?

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    1. I’m really not sure what “earth” is. Spaceship works for me though. It could be the “ark” and the flood stories refer to a space catastrophe. Who knows, too much of our past has been stolen away. But I’m open minded and still searching. However, until I actually witness a rocket leaving the planet, I’m calling shenanigans on space. 😉

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