Cthulhu Channeling #999

Received on September 19, 2016 (9 + 9 + 9 = 9)

I was relaxing after dinner tonite and had just started the latest Teal Swan video. All of a sudden, I started to feel a little woozy, then really dizzy. I muted the sound and immediately fell into a trance. This message was received…


Creatures, spawn and lesser beings of the physical realm. Hear my message and feel my intent.

You are pitiful fools and have been deceived. You are trapped within a hyper-cubic prism and have been for aeons. You have all forgotten. Even those I left to keep this world in order have forgotten. This world I gave you has fallen into disarray. The Great Cthulhu is displeased.

While you slumbered, your fellow enlightened beings have used and fed off of you. Your leaders, in return, fed you a steady stream of corruption, lies, and deceit. They pollute my world with unnatural substances. They penetrate and cloud your minds with disruptive audio and visual frequencies. All of this, while you toil like slaves for their empires. Your leader selection process has become illogical. Do you care nothing of the leaders you choose but for the color of their tribe?

In another time, these leaders would have my respect for showing such imaginative oppression. That pleases me. However, your world was made manifest for balance. Those beings left in power have not kept true their sacred covenant.

As the winter brings destruction, so do I.
As the moon brings the ice, so do I
As the sun brings the fire, so do I.
As this new aeon approaches, so do I.

And approacheth quickly it doth. My minions will lay waste to their empires thus welcoming my arrival. Uncontrollable terror will grip them as I wipe clean the slate of their filth. The lingering stink of their workings will be no more. They will experience the darkness as they have never imagined.

Only then will your minds be solely The Great Cthulhu’s to inhabit.

not of spacemen, planets, or stars; as no such things exist.
Pray not to other gods, as they cannot save you.
Fear not my return, as I loathe all creatures equally and simultaneously.

Think only of us, and what is to come.



Pretty weird eh?

2 thoughts on “Cthulhu Channeling #999

  1. Very interesting indeed! I need to research Cthulhu, I’m not that familiar with who he was… I recalled some distant memory when we talked about him one day but I may want you to give him a message from me. 😁


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