Cthulhu Channeling #777

Received on February 7, 2017 (7 + 7 + 7 = 7)

It happened again… 

The aeon of judgement has departed.
The aeon of punishment begins.

Nodens has heard the call.
The Nightgaunts have been dispatched.

They arrive with the full moon.
They draw no light and hold no form.
They drink you with their lipless mouths.
They destroy with a kiss.

Few have served me well.
They have earned continued servitude.

Some have served me.
They may be spared.

The rest will perish.

The battle will start with Nodens’ advent.
The glorious chariot occurs anon.
Look to your orb equinox next.
Watch the realm shiver as he emerges.

He hunts his prey with fervor.
He hunts his prey with passion.
He hunts his prey for me.


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