Echoes From The Future | An Argument Against Predictive Programming

There is no such thing as paranoia. Your worst fears can come true at any moment
– Hunter S. Thompson

I’ve Got An Itchy Trigger Finger

There isn’t anything that triggers me more than someone claiming that such and such in this or that show from 20 years ago is predictive programming. I do agree that it is real, and does go on in media. However, that’s usually seen only in large scale Hollywood productions.

The reason it grinds my gears is because these people don’t actually think about the scale of the operation they’re suggesting exists. On the probability scale, it’s fairly low. Numbers do not lie.

What is far more likely, in my opinion, is that humanity has a collective unconscious. Some may argue it’s the collective conscious, others unity consciousness, et. al. These are semantics. Basically, it’s the human “cloud”. We’re all connected. Dreams are a portal. Et cetera, et cetera.

That being said, it would stand to reason that this cloud exists externally to the phenomenon we experience as linear time. This means it spans the past and the future.

Collective PTSD

If such a collective, dare I say hive mind, existed, there are times throughout human history that have been extremely stressful and trying. Depending on the span of our collective, we could even be carrying the trauma of past civilizations. One could go so far as to say that it is this trauma fuels our war-like nature. Essentially, we’re a species with PTSD and we need to fix that.

I’ve been thinking about this situation for a long time. I’ve come up with an explanation and that’s what this, and possibly future articles, is about. I call it Echoes from the Future.

Stir of Echoes

I imagine the collective as a giant energy cloud that encapsulates and penetrates our world (wearing one of those tuxedo t-shirts). I would even suggest it is what some think of as the aether. This cloud is fluid like a giant water balloon. Poke one end and the other moves eventually. Simple fluid dynamics.

What are the fluid dynamics of an unknown substance? Who knows. Don’t go off point. It seems that severe trauma, to enough people, cause such a “poke” into our collective. These resulting waves travel like a rock thrown into a pond, concentric waves from the epicenter. The frequency and amplitude of these echoes is solely dependent of the level of trauma suffered. It is these waves that I am referring to as the echoes.

Cloud Atlas

Our cloud contains all of humanity’s knowledge. It’s our ark. Since humans are naturally connected to its cloud, information flows bidirectionally.

When you sleep, you may dream. And certain data is presented to you. Where that comes from or what that is all about, that’s an entirely different discussion. However, I do think that people get many creative ideas from their dreams. They may not understand what it means, or that this is even happening. But I know this because it’s happened to me many times.

I have taken many ideas from dream scenarios for use in various mediums ranging from Dungeons and Dragons campaign rules to the good user interface ideas for web based applications. Seriously, you’d be surprised what comes out of dreams into the media.

Got it? Cool. Moving on…

Radar Love

It’s just a wave in the air

It is my uneducated, yet well-read, stoner opinion that these echoes-made-manifest into art are physical expressions of those echoes (waves). The higher the amplitude of the rippling wave, the more the echo imprints in the media.

The 9/11 Echo

The existence of these echoes in the collective would completely explain (to me) why 9/11 was echoed often (and over a long span of linear time, another aspect) in so many media arenas.

Think about it. We’ve got the 70’s Supertramp album cover…

… all the way up to Neo’s passport having the date of 9/11/2001 as the expiration date in The Matrix.

There must be something big coming, if it echoes back 30 years. And it was.

I look back to after the election when everyone was talking about the Simpsons predicting Trump’s victory. I was wondering what the hell is going to happen that made the Simpsons put it into full scene years ago! It is what it is.

9/11 has been covered to death so I’ve been exploring other media areas for similar echoes. I’ll be presenting them in future posts.

Wow Jer, That’s Cool. Who cares?

Well, I care. It’s interesting to see this thing that operates outside of time. It has deep implications as to the true nature of time and our reality. There is also the aspect of timeline manipulation, modifying the past and future timeline through traumatic events. We have no reliable way of looking into our future. We have no reliable way to look into our past. We are at the mercy of our media to remember our history.

But I think if we look at it like a pattern recognition problem, and find the pattern, we can predict future calamity, and possibly heal past ones. It’s a tall order. Maybe the quantum computers can help out. Or could it be that those quantum computers in the future are causing this…

The Razor’s Edge

Even though it’s overused, I like to apply Occam’s Razor to many things. This case is no exception. Have dark brotherhoods infiltrated all levels of media, throughout the last 100 years, just to insert coded shit into cartoons? Or, is it more likely that echoes from the future are coming in loud and clear in the past. Furthermore, there are infinite possibilities between those two ideas. I’ll leave you to make your own decision.

All images were sourced by a google search of the phrases “predictive programming images”, “the razor’s edge”, and “project mockingbird”.

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